Friday, July 25, 2014

Blue Dawn

Most bike mechanics know that regular old fashioned Blue dawn is the best thing to clean disc brakes.

But it is getting harder to find. With all the eco 2 times and now 5 times concentrate!

I have been a die hard user of Dawn for years.  It really cleans up your hands after a greasy job, bike or car.

But ever since the trend to concentrate, I have had a harder time cleaning my hands.  Finger nail brushes helped, but I used to just soap up with Dawn, back then there was only one, let it soak a bit and rinse it off with warm water, wala clean hands! Not so much any more.

So it got me thinking, maybe all this concentrating is the issue.  So, maybe great for dishes and making a spray bottle to detect leak, in tubes and such, but just a little too viscous to get deep into the fingerprints on my hands.

I founds a bottle of regular old fashioned blue Dawn at a Krausers after a remodel.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, my hands where cleaner faster than they have been for years!

So I diluted some of the 2X concentrate, about 50/50.  It seemed a little thin and did not mix to the even consistency of Original Blue Dawn, but it did clean my hands much better than the concentrate.  Even with wet hands or cupping water in my hand first, the concentrate will not mix well enough, in my hand, to get into the nooks and crannies of my hands.

I know this is somewhat off the topic of this blog, but epic rides, sometimes require epic repairs and clean up afterwards!

The moral is if you cant find good old fashioned blue Dawn, split the bottle in half and add your local water, keeps the carbon foot print down and gets your hand clean to boot!

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