Saturday, March 2, 2024


  I have been gone for a while and oh so much has changed  I pulled a Forrest Gump about 7 years ago and just stopped riding.  Yea no one saw that coming not even me.  About 4 years ago My Friend TK was doing a training camp at Mc Dowell MT Park in February so I did Ride for a few months so I would not completely blow.  But then Covid hit and I did the opposite of everybody else and stopped riding.  Besides I hadn't adapted to summers in the Valley here in Arizona yet anyway Yada Yada Yada.  Fast forward To November 2023 when my buddy George came to visit.  We had no plans to ride.  But my seeing him was the spark I needed.  I proceed to break my Powertap hub at the gate, so we hiked.  I had  laced up a wheel several year ago, so I tensioned it and we were off to the races..... Whoa slow down, man did I blow Ha, Ha, Ha.  After of course setting up 7 year old new tubeless tires.  Boy was I out of practice!

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