Born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota, I have been riding Mountain Bikes since the early eighties.
I had a rough start racing, if you could call those first couple attempts racing.
I did better the next year and won one race and ended up 4th for my beginner season circa 1988.
I moved to New Jersey in 1989 and started racing Sport. For years I was mainly mid-pack.
I slowly improved moved up to Expert where once again I was mid pack again the first year. I did well the beginning of the next year, then burned out big time and retired from racing.
I dabbled in coaching. Helping a few riders make great gains.
One insisted training with a power meter. I sparked my inner geek an have been coaching and training with power ever since.
I started working at the Cycle Craft bike shop in 2006 as manager of the Long Valley satellite store.
I coached less and trained more efficiently and started racing again. Had a lackluster first Sport year back. Broke My collar bone in April of 2007 in a road race.
Trained mostly road that season, training for NJs hardest century with 12k of climbing, which I now design the course for (Cycle Craft now puts on this event)
My buddy got me into single speeds and I raced one event at the end of the year. I was hooked!
We raced Sport for the first race in 2008 and we walked away with it, so we moved up to Cat 1.
I managed 3rd in the series that year. I got to stand on the top step in 2009 I took 2nd in 2010.
2nd in 2011 and 2nd again in 2012.
For most of this century, my wife had been fighting cancer. We thought we had it licked in 2010, but she came out of remission in 2011. This brings us to the Beginning of this blog.

I continue to race as the opportunity presents itself, but this is not your typical race resume.
I will keep you up to date in this blog.


  1. It seems that riding Mountain Bikes is more than a hobby for you, it's a way of living. I really admire you for this.

  2. Does you provide any services about mountain bikes? I like it much....


  3. To Rolland, yes it is and to Stuart, What services are you looking for?