The Quest

Have you ever wanted to just take off and ride all the coolest most epic mountain bike trails? Well this is what this blog is all about, taking the bicycle over terrain that just decades ago would have been unthinkable and even today by non-mountain bikers.

Click here for the how, you already know the where, here are some of the What, When, Why's

Ride & GPS  IMBA Epics
I love epic MTB rides
I'm all about the epic ride
Frustrated trying to find GPS files for IMBA epics
I think others may appreciate these files
I want to see what others consider epic
Adrenaline, endorphins, adventure
Achieve what/
Ride all the IMBA epics
Map the ideal loop with starting points
Share the experience with others in general and as close to real time as possible with Tammy
What I stand for/
Rugged individualism
Living life on my own terms
I believe in/
MTBing is freeing and spiritual /close to nature
What is the motivation behind MTBepicRides blog;
Leave a mark. Leave something behind. A legacy......
GPS files and a website ala Sheldon Brown


  1. Thanks for taking the time to share everything you find with other that love what you love. Colleen

  2. Thanks for sharing informative post.