Debbie Downer

Three decades back Tammy is diagnosed with cervical cancer. Treated by a doctor with vitamins and it went into remission.

Two decades later they find cancer again, but in her hip.

Then ovarian tumors come after the hip is taken care of

Tammy finds a clinical trial of chemo pills. The tumor was shrunk after the 2nd phase, she completed the 3rd phase.

It came back, this time with a vengeance, so the chemo and/or radiation started back up.

After a round of chemo, she slipped from pre-diabetic to diabetic.

Tammy, a baker and cook by love, had a hard time but with some carb-counting websites and discipline and many years and fights with her doctors weaned back off of the diabetes medication.
But not before, she noticed her weight loss had stopped.

Now enter the auto-immune disease Hashimoto's Disease.  Also, non-Hogkins lymphoma comes into play

The doctors could not tell what came first the cancer or the auto immune diseases.

More radiation, Tammy decides no more chemo.

I researched Hashimoto disease and started giving here nutritional support. Coincidentally, she goes into remission and we think we have it licked.

It was short lived, maybe half a year later, more cancer.

During all this Tammy is trying to get the insurance company to OK a hysterectomy. They finally do, followed by more radiation.

Then the tumors on her back came and after the first round of radiation, it killed that head but, like a dandelion it popped up in multiple locations.

With each round of chemo wrecking her for so long (immune system is devastated for a half a year) and radiation causing similar mayhem, (with my support) Tammy decides her quality of life sucked and would rather have few years of some quality of life than many revolving rounds of chemo and radiation.

She is still on the vitamins and that may keep it at bay for a little longer, we hope.  It does seem to make her more functional. She does need to rest more and not over do it, but she is enjoying our trip so far outlined in

Now, there has been a lot of water under the bridge, so my time line may be off some.  Tammy will edit this in due time, but I did not really want to bring it up at the moment. Writing this (ironically while I have a cold or bad allergies) in Florida in March of 2013.

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