Jeffs IMBA Epic Rankings

Some of these places are like splitting hairs.  Click on the Epic to see more details.
I may need to make some categories or qualities, cause I like different ones for different reasons.
1. Copper Harbor, Michigan
2. Oak Mountain, Alabama
3. Dupont State Park, North Carolina
4. Roth Rock State College, Pennsylvania
5. Kansas Switchgrass
6. Kerr Scott, North Carolina
7. Big South Fork, Tennessee
8. Berryman Trail, Missouri
9. Jake/Bull Mountain, Georgia
10. Tsali, North Carolina
11. Ocoee Trail, Tennessee
12. Spruce Knob/Seneca Rocks
13. Rock Lake, Cable, Wisconsin
14. Shenandoah Southern Traverse, Virginia
15. Douthat, Virginia
16. Levis-Trow Mounds Wisconsin
17. Cuyuna Lakes, Minnesota
18. Alafia River State Park, Florida
19. Santos, Florida
20. MOCO Epic, Maryland
21. High Country Pathway Pigeon River State Forest Wisconsin
21. Maah Daah Hey, North Dakota

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