Monday, April 15, 2013

Douthat State Park

Man, I thought Big South Fork Was Big! Douthat really kicked my butt. I definitely underestimated this Epic! Granted it was 87 degrees (mini heatwave for April) and I attempted to follow the Mid Mountain Mama XXC race course, which does go outside the park. I can't remember the last time I used my granny gear, let alone so much. I was using it 40 minutes into my first climb (Stony Run) and quite a few times after that! I did use Stony Run for Threshold training and probably burned up too many matches, I got a 3rd out of 40 on Strava, so in a way it was worth it. I got almost 30 minutes of threshold in before I began to to sputter. It was the most so far this year and all in one chunk, not two or three intervals. I paid for it later though, boy did I pay! But the DH's were equally long and sometimes brutal and treacherous. I had to awkwardly negotiate more than a few tight switchbacks with steep consequences!

There were orange arrows on the ground, that I believe are for that race. It crosses itself and runs along the Middle Mountain ridge twice (best I can tell) I was toast well before this, so I dropped down Blue Suck Falls Trail. I rested there for a bit.
Tammy met me at the beach, with food and beachwear, so I could nap and refuel in the sun.

Check out the local IMBA club at 

They have a link to this map (Became a 404) Try
I got in touch with Carter Shumaker for the next day's ride, through their Facebook page
More on that later...


  1. Nice ride. Look like very rough trails. But was very beautiful. How do you not get lost in the woods?

  2. Hey Jeff - Check out the Virginia Endurance Series We do one epic a month, it's completely free and an absolute blast. The next one starts in Douthat, like you did here, but our route heads south and west on absolutely incredible backcountry riding trails. I hope you can join us for one or more VES events! Cheers! Rob

  3. Robert,

    I will definitely keep that in mind! Thanks.