Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Balm Boyette

Balm Boyette is not on the IMBA Epic list, but if Alafia River State Park is on the list so should Balm Boyette!

SWAMP puts up an impressive network. Brian McInnis (from JRA (Just Riding Along) Cycles just outside of Boston in Medford, Ma) and I discussed connecting these two parks,. With the facilities and sweet trails at Alafia and the even better trails at Balm Boyette, Swamp, may just have the makings of a IMBA ride center.

I actually like Balm Boyette, just a little bit better than Alafia. More over all mileage and Ridgeline does give Moonscape a run for it's money! There seems to be more advanced trails, Abyss, Pandemonium, and Garry's loop, at Balm Boyette. I admit it is a close call. Spider Berm  and a few others are better too, but North Creek and Roller Coaster at ARSP, have to be given there due. The Quadrants at Balm Boyette, do pretty much blow away any of the easy trails at ASRP though! Picture Endor with palm trees.

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