Monday, December 2, 2013

Santos IMBA Ride Center

The Santos is a huge trails system in Ocala Florida. Including the marked in progress trails I did rides over 54 miles long(5.25 hours. Most of the mileage are on easy trails, with a significant amount on intermediate trails. The advanced trails are in the minority, but are pretty sweet. I put them together in a loop that only doubled back on the fire road going into and out of the Vortex. It starts at the Santos trail head and took about an hour and a half. Pine east to Cow Bone, which flows so nicely into Magic Mountain, that really continues best, right on Rattlesnake Ridge, jump back on to Cow Bone to get to Anthill, take that around to DR Ruth (very briefly, to get to John Brown, including the bench cut along the blue highway to the pit, back to the the Blue Highway (left) to Intermediate Bunny Trail, West Pine takes you over to the Vortex trail head. After a loop of Vortex, back out to Dog Bone south to Dog Bone north, get you to Twister, Puppy, Dog Bone west, Canopy, Speedway connect you to Shorty, a bit of DR Ruth to get you to Sink hole in my favorite direction. Marshmallow to Pine west gets you back to the trail head. OMBA has a well marked trail system and a super Google Map of the Santos Trails Short with all the advanced (Red) sections. Facebook Page
Long mostly easy trails with some intermediate and in process trails to keep it interesting.


  1. I initially rode this last march and wrote this in June. But figured that going into winter was a better time to release it. Jeff Lenosky is performing December 7th the day before Florida State Championship #9 race this Sunday December 8th at SantosFLC #9

  2. The 34x22 was crazy low. My log must have been wrong. 20t is good in the Vortex pit and tolerable on the yellow and just fine on Twister. Trying a 19 today

  3. It was very quiet at the Vortex, so I was able t get 3, 12 hour laps in. At least as close as I could figure it. The 19 seemed heavy Twister and the outer green was not faster today realy, than with the 20t. The first lap was 19 on the 19t was seconds faster than the 20. But the 20t had a couple Vortex laps first. Laps 2, 3 and 4 were very similar to the 20t lap