Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cuyuna Lakes IMBA Ride Center

Mountain biking in my home state of Minnesota has really matured.

Cuyuna has the funnest "Easy" or beginner trails that I have ridden! They have a pretty sweet flow and are far from boring. Conversely, many of the Expert trails (Black) are not really more difficult that the "Most Difficult" trails (Red) or even "More Difficult" trails, in some instances. Timber Shaft in the Yawkey unit is an exception and is an awesome skills section, that needs to be sessioned! Bobsled is a favorite of those I spoke with. Nice twisty berms, gravity fed of course. I need to learn to berm!

The main unit, Mahnomen, has the bulk of the trails. One of my favorites is Mucker Mountain, a "More Difficult" trail with really nice flow. The Chute earns it's "Most Difficult' rating, while Ferrous Wheel really only has a hard fast switch back. The trails are pretty well marked in general, but the entrances to many of the trails are across a dirt road from Easy Street are not that obvious. But many of the exits are well marked to let riders coming off of them, know that the trail is now two way. For fun and safety, many of the trails are one way only. Mountain bikers have their own parking lot, but for someone new to the system and kiosk or a sign pointing to the trail head would be nice. I ran into Joel Hartman, who recently was interviewed on the local news. I mentioned it and he said he would bring it up at the club meeting that night. Pretty cool.

Leave the Sagamore unit for winter riding, like the signage says. At this point the trails look more like XC ski trails and the flies are ferocious!

Now understand that Minnesota does not have huge elevation changes that some of other venues. I think only Florida had a lower elevation per mile ratio. Not surprisingly these trails have some striking similarities to both Alafia and Balm Boyette in florida.

CLMTBT (Friends of MORC) has really done a great job here, making MTBaide out of strip mining lemons.  It is awesome that the state of Minnesota is working with local groups to make such great resources that so many can enjoy!

Cool upcoming event September 14th  http://www.cuyunalakesklunker.com/events

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