Monday, October 7, 2013

MOCO Epic 65

On the first day back on m quest, I sit in one of Maryland's neighboring states, just a few hours away, preparing for another epic. I think back to April, when I was treated to great mountain biking in (at least to me) a very unlikely setting. Being so close to Washington, DC and Baltimore and all. Many different parks linked together by roads. Little Bennett probably had the most technical climb of the bunch. Michael Bonsby took me around the loop. Initially to do the 50. We were making good time so we upped it to the 65. I used my geared bike that day.  A couple days later I rode the 50 on my SS. Both rigid as usual.

The official event is coming up next weekend. Register here:

Thanks GoogleTube for being so hard to use and process so quickly.

MoCo Short 848x48 saved as 1920x1080 from MTB Epic Rides on Vimeo.

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