Friday, August 22, 2014

Velocity Blunt 35

 Up to now I have not said much about the Blunt 35s.  To be blunt, they have given me pretty much zero reason to worry about them, they simply do a great job of holding the bead of that big tire tubelessly. I am super happy with the Velocity tubeless rim strip and valve!  As a system it is great, give the 3 inch tire a nice profile and is strong and reasonably light, particulary compared to the Surly Rabbit Hole.No apparent damage,even after numerous soft bottom outs, usually running 13.5 psi, Last ride, I must have had a puncture or burp and was down to 9.5 PSI and Blunt still held the Knards bead!
No sign of stretch, using Stan's sealant on the lighter 120 TPI Kards

Knob to knob.
After lot's of trail time, the corner and side knobs are showing some wear.  This may account for the hunting on wet rocks on the Lynskey.

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